Active reserve of the MP

The active reserve of the Military Police (AZMP) of the Czech republic is the integral part of the Military Police (MP). The members of AZMP operate in the area of transport, law enforcement, police protection and criminal services according to the Act 300/2013 Coll.

To enter the unit it is necessary to pass a selection procedure. It consists of physical tests and psychological examination. At the beginning, each new member must complete a three-year training cycle, which is finished with a final examination. The preparation includes two weeks of training each year at the Military Police School in Vyškov. The training includes general military training and specialized training for military police.

In addition to training the members of AZMP participate in joint patrols with professional members of the MP and also assist in the police protection activities of the military events (NATO Days, IDET, Bahna, Cihelna, …)

Since 1 January 2020 each Military Police subordinated headquater (Olomouc, Prague, Tábor) and also main headquater (Prague) has its own department of AZMP.